Orthodontic Treatment Using Invisible Braces


Today, orthodontics have reached a level of advancement where you can have state of the art bracer or invisible aligners which are not the same as the traditional metal braces which look ugly with their metal clamps, but are made to look clear and tooth colored which uses NASA type wires which are activated by heat so that it can easily be tightened.  Or those clear retainer type aligners where braces or wires are not required anymore.  Visiting an orthodontist may help to decide which cosmetic treatment is for you because these aligners are not really for everyone.

Correcting your bite is the main idea of this professional and your orthodontist starts by planning out on how to move your teeth and align them correctly.  Some people only need slight adjustments to move their teeth over the treatment time and these are the ones who need aligners.  They are made form a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but they can however be removed for eating, brushing and flossing.  It is easy to get a new set of aligners every few weeks to continue teeth movement into a desired position since they are removable just like dentures.

The ceramic or clear type brackets act similarly to the conventional bonded brackets only this time around, instead of those all metal irksome look contraption one now has a combination of choices by separating the bond from the archwire.  The bands are those vault-like buttons attached to the teeth to secure the archwire that fasten all teeth together.  You can now choose the type of band are archwire to use and this is all for aesthetics.  You should choose a translucent or clear band rather than a ceramic band if your teeth is light in color which is just one of the basic guidelines for choosing ceramic versus clear bands.  White or color coated archwire or frosted archwire can also complement this.

So now that this information has give you excited to visit an orthodontist, you now need to know what you can expect in an orthodontic treatment. For more facts and information regarding orthodontist, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qizspp6-83g.

In your first few visits you will have a medical and dental history evaluation and the orthodontist will then make a cast or a molding a copy of your teeth.  What this involves is taking a picture of your face and mouth and your teeth and jaws will need an x-ray.  The purpose of these photographs and x-rays is so that your orthodontist can carefully plan the design and the type of brace to use and how to fabricate a custom made brace for you.

After the brace has initially be installed, you will need to keep up regular visits to your orthodontist for adjustments and to complete the treatment of your teeth.

Braces are removed upon completion of the treatment and then retainers are given.